Cabin, Room, Houseboat, for Rental

Units are the main item your property rents

A unit can be a Cabin, Room, Houseboat, or Campsite.

Add Unit

Unit Number

Your number to keep track of the Unit for your records

  • Go to Units > [YOUR UNIT] > Settings Tab
  • Enter the Unit Number
  • Click “Save”

Unit Max Capacity

The maximum allowed people in the unit. This is used when guests request availability, if the number in their party exceeds this Max Capacity, then it will not be available for them to rent. If the property has Enforce Strict Capacity enabled, then the unit is not allowed to be reserved by the guest.

  • Go to Units > [YOUR UNIT] > Settings Tab
  • Enter the Max Capacity
  • Click “Save”

Not to be confused with Occupancy settings that have to do with Rate Adjustments

Unit Status

Allows you to make a Unit inactive without deleting it. An inactive unit cannot be rented.

  • Go to Units > [YOUR UNIT] > Settings Tab
  • Click the Status drop-down
  • Select Status
  • Click “Save”