Cabin, Room, Houseboat, for Rental

Units are the main item your property rents

A unit can be a Cabin, Room, Houseboat, or Campsite.

Add a Unit

Add A Unit
Add A Unit
  • Go to Settings > Units
  • Click Add button

Complete/review/edit the following sections:


  • Fill in applicable information
    • Unit Name
    • Status
      • Allows you to make a Unit inactive without deleting it
    • Unit Number
      • Your number to keep track of the Unit for your records
    • Type
    • Max Capacity
      • The maximum number of people allowed in the Unit
      • If the number in a party exceeds this Max Capacity, then it will not be available for them to rent
      • If the property has Enforce Strict Capacity enabled, then the unit is not allowed to be reserved by the guest
      • Not to be confused with Occupancy settings that have to do with Rate Adjustments
    • Unit URL
      • Direct link to unit, such as your own webpage
    • Description
  • Click Save
General Section Click to enlarge

Calendar Synchronization

  • Export Calendar
    • The link provided can be used to sync your bookings with third party booking apps (AirBnb, VRBO, etc)
  • Import Calendar Events
    • Fill out the Label (VRBO, Booking.com, etc - you can set the name) and the corresponding Calendar URL taken from the app in question
    • Select the Calendar Color you would like to assign to the app calendar blackout dates
Calendar Synchronization Section Click to enlarge


  • Toggle applicable Taxes on or off based on the unit or addon

See also: Taxes

Taxes Section Click to enlarge

Unit Amenities

  • Toggle Amenities on or off depending on their availability

See also: Amenities

Amenities Section Click to enlarge


If the Unit or Addon is not on the default property location, a new location can be added in this section.

  • Click Add
  • Fill out the following fields
    • Street
    • City
    • State
    • ZIP
    • Country
  • Click Save
Locations Section Click to enlarge

Additional Settings for Units

While viewing or creating a Unit, there are additional tabs that will need updating.


  • Click Rates tab
  • In the Occupancy section, set the amount of occupants included in the daily and weekly rates in the Occupancy field
  • Click Save
  • In the Rate Plans section, select the applicable Rate Plans
    • Any update in this section will save automatically
  • In the Stay Rules section, select any Stay Rules that apply to the Unit
    • Any update in this section will save automatically

See: Unit Rate Grid


  • Click Pets tab
  • Set the Maximum Pets Allowed number by dragging the selector to the appropriate amount
    • Any update in this section will save automatically


See: Unit Rooms


See: Images