Property Search

Adding the search widget to your website

Search is flexible. It can be added to your site in different ways.

Easiest: Contact Us

We’re here to help you become successful. Our skilled developers can help you add the Property Search in the best way possible.

The simplest way to forward your guests to your CabinKey™ Search form is to use a link. You can find your link at Preview > Property

Property Search

The HTML to add this to your website is as simple as

<a href="PASTE YOUR PROPERTY SEARCH LINK HERE">Search Availability</a>

This will show up on your page link this —> Search Availability <— Your guests can click the link and will be directed to the search form.

Average: Embed the search form in your website.

A good way to get your guests to your CabinKey™ Property Search form is to use an embedded iframe. You can find your link at Preview > Property.

Advantage: Your guests do not leave your site to search your availability.

Property Search

Copy and paste the HTML you see in red onto your web page.

<div id="cabinkeyframe"></div>  
  <script>var CABINKEY_APP="";</script>  
  <script src="";></script>

This is how it will appear inside your web page

Property Search Form

Difficult: Use your own custom search form widget

It’s possible to use your own form and forward values to CabinKey™ Search form. The URL for the Property Search accepts some parameters that can pre populate the form values.

Example, this link will pre populate the arrival, departure, adults, children, and pets values in the form

Possible values to pass

  • arrival: Expects a date in the format of YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2020-03-24
  • departure: Expects a date in the format of YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2020-04-24
  • adults: Expects an integer, e.g. 4
  • children: Expects an integer, e.g. 2
  • pets: Expects an integer, e.g. 1
  • autosearch: Optional. Will automatically submit the search form.