Automated emails sent from CabinKey

Look Ma, no hands!

CabinKey™ makes it easy to automatically communicate with your guests.

Reservation Confirmation

When you Approve a new reservation, CabinKey™ will send confirmation email to the guest’s email address.

Order Confirmation

The Order Confirmation includes

  • Property logo
  • Reservation Number
  • All charges on the reservation including:
    • Units
    • Addons
    • Point of Sale Items
    • Taxes
    • Outstanding balance
  • List of Guests
  • Units with arrival / departure dates
  • Addons with usage dates
  • Property Policy
  • Your property’s address
  • Your property’s phone

Payment Received (optional)

When you record a Payment in CabinKey™ , you can optionally notify the guest a payment has been recorded.

Record Payment

After recording a payment and selecting to Notify Guest of Payment, they will receive a brief email with the payment details as follows.

Payment Email

Welcome email six days before arrival

Get your guest excited and informed for their upcoming stay. CabinKey™ will email them six days prior to their arrival with some reminders.

Welcome Email

The Welcome Email includes

  • A photo of the unit (may sure you have photos added)
  • Arrival dates and times
  • Departure dates and times
  • Property Address with a link to get directions from Google Maps
  • Total amount of reservation
  • Reservation Number
  • Property Policy
  • Your property’s address
  • Your property’s phone

Delivery Details

The Repy-To for each email is set to your property’s email. If a guest replies to the email, it should go to you. Some older email clients do not support the Reply-To setting and the email may get sent to CabinKey™ . In that case, we’ll forward you any emails we receive from a guest.