Import your calendar into VRBO

Keep your listings on VRBO up to date with the reservations in CabinKey™

Find your CabinKey™ unit calendar URL

  • Go to Units > UNIT
  • Find the Calendar Synchronization section
  • Click the clipboard icon to “Copy To Clipboard”

Copy Unit Calendar Export Link

Import calendar into your VRBO listing

  • Go to https://www.vrbo.com/ and log in
  • Go to your listing
  • Expand Calendars on the left
  • Click Reservations
  • Find the Import/Export link and click that and select Import calendar
  • Give your calendar a name like CabinKey
  • Paste in the URL into the Calendar URL field
  • Select Block Dates
  • Click Import Calendar

Import CabinKey Calendar into VRBO

View your Calendars

Here you will see the CabinKey™ reservation and blackout dates blocked in VRBO.

VRBO Calendar View


CabinKey™ updates the calendar URL instantly when a new booking or change is made, however VRBO only synchronizes with this calendar hourly. If you often take multiple bookings for the same unit a day, this could potentially result in a double booking coming through VRBO that is already booked on CabinKey™ .