Merge Duplicates

Need to combine two or more guests?

It happens, you end up with duplicate guest records.

After a while of using CabinKey™ , it’s possible that you’ll notice you have more than one record for the same guest. This isn’t a problem, in CabinKey™ they can be combined into a single record.

Combine Guest Records

Note: The first record you select will be the one that remains. All others will be merged into that first selected record.

  1. Navigate to the Guest Management page

  2. Select the record you want to keep

  3. Then select the other records you would like to combine into the first record.
    Select guest records to merge

  4. Click the “Merge Selected” button in the top right
    Click merge selected

  5. Review the changes, then click Merge
    Confirm Merge

  6. All Emails, Phones, Addresses, Notes, and Reservations will be combined into one Guest record.

CAUTION: It’s not currently possible to UN-MERGE records, so be careful with this power.