Add a Reservation

Manual add a reservation

Add a Reservation

Reservations can be created easily in your CabinKey account.

From any page:
  • Click the Add Reservation button located in the top left menu bar
  • In the New Reservation window, you can search for an existing guest or create a new one
    • For an existing guest, type the name into the search field
      • Select the applicable guest from the search results
    • For a new guest, click the Create New Guest tab
      • Fill out the form with the guest information
      • Click Create Guest button
  • You will be brought to the reservation page for your guest
  • If the guest is reserving a unit, click Add Unit
    • Fill out the New Unit Stay fields:
      • Arrival: Date of arrival/checkin
      • Departure: Checkout date
      • Adult: Number of adults staying in the Unit
      • Kids: Number of kids staying in the Unit
      • Pets: Number of pets staying in the Unit
      • Unit: Select the applicable Unit to be reserved from the drop-down menu
    • Click Save
  • If the guest is reserving an Addon, click Add Addon
    • Fill out the New Addon Reservation fields:
      • Start: Start date of addon
      • End: End date of addon
      • Addons: Select the applicable Addon from the drop-down menu
    • Click Save

Note: Multiple units and addons can be added to a reservation by repeating the steps to add a unit and/or an addon above.

Add a Reservation from any page Click to enlarge

More locations a reservation can be added from:

  • Click the Add button in the Pending Reservations widget on the Dashboard page
Add a Reservation from the Dashboard
  • Click the Add button on the upper right side of the Reservations page
Add a Reservation from the Reservations page
  • Click the Add button on a guest’s information page under the Guest Reservations section
Add a Reservation from the Guest detail page