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Frustrated with the limitations of LodgeVault? Afraid your data in LodgeVault might accidentally become corrupt or deleted? Looking for a new system that's easy to use at home and on the road?

LodgeVault Screen Shot
LodgeVault Screen Shot

If you're ready to upgrade from LodgeVault and use a fully cloud based solution, then CabinKey™ is the right choice for you.

Transferring your data from LodgeVault to CabinKey™ is a snap.

All your guest data, reservations, and charges can be imported into CabinKey™. No need to spend hours reentering all your data into CabinKey™.

Get more done, anywhere

LodgeVault is a PC based solution prone to data loss and corruption that can happen to any home computer. CabinKey™ is cloud based and is safe, secure, and constantly backed up.

Wouldn't it be nice to book reservations on your phone while you're traveling, or out running errands? Updates to the software are completely automatic, you get the latest, greatest version every time you log in. Say 'good-bye' to clunky installation instructions.

Frustrated that LodgeVault's unit pricing is too rigid? CabinKey™ is flexible enough to handle most pricing schemes.

Have questions? Schedule a demo to see CabinKey in action.

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CabinKey™ LodgeVault
Units (Cabins, Cottages, Rooms)
Enhancements (Boats, Golf Carts, Docks)
Credit Card Deposit
Point of Sale
Guest Management
Guests: Unlimited methods of contact
Multiple property search
Preview online orders before confirming
Built in Label Printing
Data fully backed up
Use on any device (mobile, tablet, desktop, Apple, Android, or Windows)

Did you know... CabinKey has a 60 day money back guarantee!

Zero Risk! Start now!