Pending Reservations

View and approve future reservations

Pending Reservations

Pending reservations can be viewed, edited, or approved from your Dashboard.

Approve a Reservation

  • Locate the reservation, then click the Approve button under the Actions column
  • A pop-up message indicating that a confirmation email was sent will be displayed
Helpful information included in the Pending Reservation widget:
  • Reservation Number: Links to the reservation
  • Guests name: Links to the guest record
  • Payments: Any amount already paid
  • Outstanding: Amount owed
  • Units/Addons: Units or addons to be reserved
  • Arrival: Checkin date
  • Departure: Checkout date
  • Approve: Button to approve a pending reservation
Pending Reservations
Pending Reservations

Add a Reservation

A new reservation can also be added by clicking the Add button on the right side of the Pending Reservations widget bar.