Arrivals & Departures

Guest check-in and check-out

CabinKey™ handles the front desk functions of property with ease

When you pull up the Dashboard, you’ll see the guests scheduled to check in today as well as the guests scheduled to checkout.

Helpful information included in the Arrival / Departure widgets

  • Reservation Number: Links to the reservation
  • Guests name: Links to the guest record
  • Unit guest is checking into or out from
  • Outstanding amount
  • Checkout date
  • Button to Check In Guest or Check Out Guest
Guest checkin / checkout

To Checkin a guest

  • On the Dashboard find the guest under the Arriving Today section
  • Click Checkin button next to their name and reservation details
  • Guest status will be changed to checked in
  • Checked in guests will automatically be hidden from the checkin list
    • Why auto hidden? It’s easier to see who’s left left to checkin
    • Click the Show All button to see all checkins