Decide how you want customers to interact with your listing


Part of an Association using CabinKey? Decide how customers can reserve their stay from your listing on the Association website.

  • Go to Settings > Booking
  • Set your booking method under the Section Action dropdown (see below for more details)
  • After selecting a booking method, set the Default Message that will be shown when CabinKey is unable to find qualifying rates
  • Click Save

Available Booking Methods

CabinKey Booking (Preferred):

Customers can book their stay directly from the listing using CabinKey.

  • Under Advanced Reservation Limit, set the maximum number of days in the future to allow a reservation
  • Turn the toggle On or Off for the Show Pet Search Field and Show Guests Availability Calendar options
CabinKey Booking Action
CabinKey Booking Action

Email Form:

The customer will be prompted to submit their name, email, phone number, and comments. This form will be emailed to you upon submission.

Email Form
Email Form

Message Guest:

The customer will be provided with your resort’s contact information.


Redirect to Unit URL:

The customer will be redirected to the URL for the unit (found under Settings > Units > [Unit Name]).

Redirect to Unit URL
Redirect to Unit URL

External Options:

Using a different app or software for reservations and bookings?

You can connect your listing to the following options:

  • Availability Online
  • Inn Road
  • Jack Rabbit
  • Lodge Vault
  • Lodgix
  • Rezstream

How to connect:

  1. Select applicable External Option from the list
  2. Enter your ID from the external application in the ID field
    • Instructions to find the ID for each system are included below the field
  3. Update the Default Message as needed
  4. Click Save
External Options
External Options Screen Example