Configure when your rates change


The start and end dates of your rates and stay rules

Careful! If you have a gap between seasons, even one day, it will break your rates.

Seasons with a one day gap
Seasons with a one day gap

Let’s say you have two seasons configured back to back.

NameStartEnd (check out date)

There is a one day gap between Summer and Fall season. This breaks any search that would span those seasons such as from 2020-08-26 to 2020-09-02. Since the date (2020-08-31) is not configured.

When a season is not configured, your property is not available for reservations.

A Common pitfall is to create blackouts for Units, when the property is closed. For example, if your property is closed during the winter, you do NOT need to create blackouts for the time your property is closed. Simply not having a season configured for those dates, means you are closed.

Rate calculation when a stay spans two seasons.

What happens when a guest stays past the end of one season into another season?

NameStartEnd (check out date)

Rate Version 1

Let’s say a guest stays from 2020-08-26 to 2020-09-02. The system will select the first season and period to calculate the rates.

Rate Version 2

Let’s say a guest stays from 2020-08-26 to 2020-09-02. The system will pro-rate the days for each season and add the results together.

Clone a previous season

It’s easy to copy the entire configuration for rates from one season to another. This saves a lot of clicking if seasons are similar. While you are viewing a season, expand the Danger Zone section. In the “Clone a previous season”, select the season you would like to clone, then click Clone.

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WARNING: Cloning overwrites any configuration you have for the target season.