Point of Sale

Sell items at your property

POS (Point of Sale)

Selling an item to a customer or guest?

CabinKey™ provides a basic Point of Sale solution to handle selling various items at your property, such as gas, cloths, tackle, or bait.

Go to POS in your CabinKey™ account.

  • Select sale item(s) being purchased from list
  • Item(s) will be added to invoice box on the right
  • Change quantity of item(s) by clicking - or + in the Qty column
    • Alternate option: Click on the number field, then enter the quantity in the pop-up field
  • Select customer type by clicking on the applicable button:
    • Walk In: Brings you to a general “Walk In” customer page
    • New: Brings you to a page to enter new guest information
      • Fill out new guest information and click Create Guest and Reservation
    • Existing: Brings you to a page to search for current and past guests and reservations
      • Search for and select applicable guest
  • Click Add Payment button one on the walk-in or guest reservation page
    • The outstanding amount is pre-filled in the Amount field, but can be edited
    • Select type of payment: Cash, Check, Card (credit card), or Gift Card
    • Payment is selected by default
    • Add a Note if you choose
    • Select Notify Guest of Payment, if you want CabinKey™ to email the guest a copy of the payment details
    • Select Deposit to classify payment as a deposit
    • The current date is pre-filled in the Transaction Date field, but can be changed
    • Click Save
POS Screen Click to enlarge

Add a New Item From POS Screen

  • Go to POS
  • Click the + button
  • This will bring you to the Sale Items settings page
  • Click Add Sale Item button
  • Add a Name and Price
  • Add a Description if you choose
  • Set the Status from the dropdown menu
  • Toggle the Purchase Online on or off depending on whether guests are allowed to purchase the item during booking
  • Click Save

See Sale Items for additional instructions relating to tax, groups, and more.