Rate Adjustments

Rate Adjustments

Rate Adjustments allow you to adjust a rate based on certain criteria. To name a few more popular scenarios.

  • Charge more for pets
  • Charge more for extra people
  • Stay 6 days and get one day free
  • Charge more on the weekends
  • Give 10% off in the shoulder months
  • Stay 3 days and get $20 off each day

Create a Rate Adjustment

  • Go to Settings > Rate Adjustments
  • Click the Add button
  • Follow the steps for the rate adjustment (see steps below)
  • Click “Save”

Step 1: Select the type of adjustment to create

Rate Adjustment Step 1 Click to enlarge

Step 2: Select calculation method, percentage or fixed amount

Rate Adjustment Step 2 Click to enlarge

Important Note: Depending on the type of adjustment being made, the calculation method options may vary.

Step 3: Select to increase (add) or decrease (subtract)

Rate Adjustment Step 3 Click to enlarge

Step 4: Configure specific details for the adjustment type

Rate Adjustment Step 4 Click to enlarge

Assign to Rate Plan

There are two convenient ways to assign an Adjustment to Rate Plans

From the Rate Plan list

Assign a Stay Rule Click to enlarge
  • Go to Settings > Rate Plans
  • Click the checkbox next to each Rate Plan you would like to add the Adjustment
  • Click the button Add Adjustment
  • Select the Adjustment from the drop down.
  • Click Save

From the Rate Plan view

  • Go to Settings > Rate Plans
  • Click on the arrow icon under the View column in the Plans section
    • Alternate option: Click on the applicable name of the plan in the Plans section
  • In the Rate Adjustments section, select the adjustment to add from the dropdown
  • Click Add