Rate Calculations

Sophisticated for any property

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CabinKey™ can handle all the rate calculation scenarios you can imagine

Chances are your property doesn’t charge simple fixed nightly rates, but vary by season, occupancy, pets, or even day of the week. Just a few of the many types of rate calculations offered:

  • Stay 6 nights and get 1 night off.
  • Stay 5 nights and get $100 off.
  • Stay 3 nights and get 25% off.
  • Charge more (or less) on Friday & Saturday nights. Fixed or Percentage.
  • Charge more (or less) for each person over defined occupancy.
  • Charge more (or less) per pet.
  • Charge more (or less) for a date range such as over the Fourth of July. Fixed or Percentage.
  • Spanned seaons are prorated. If a guest arrives during one rate calculation, and departs during another, their stay is prorated based on how many nights in each season.

Mix and match as many of these rate calculations that suit your needs.

Stay Rules

In addition to sophisticated rate calculations, define how long a guest can stay throughout the year.

  • Enforce full week stays during the summer
  • Allow flexible 3 night minimum during fall and spring
  • Separate stay rules on a per Unit basis, allowing you to create strict rules for some accommodations and flexible for others
  • Limit arrivals to only certain days of the week
  • Limit departures to certain days a week
  • Set minimum and / or maximum nights