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Intuitive Search & Booking for your Guests

It would be a shame to have a great dashboard, but a clunky online booking process for your guests, right?

Don’t let your online booking be the weak link. Some of the common complaints heard about other online booking systems.

  • I get calls all the time because guests can’t figure out when we are open
  • Guests do not get the actual rate, so I have to adjust every reservation
  • Booking process has too many steps and guests just end up calling in
  • Guests abandon the booking process because it’s confusing
  • While booking, guests are not able to rent other items like boats


Reduce the number of steps a guests must complete to start seeing results. Here you can see the only item a guest needs to complete is the Arrival date. The ending date automatically assumes 7 nights (can be adjusted). The Adults / Children / Pets default to just 2 adults, no children, and no pets. The guest can adjust any of these values and immediately see updated search results.

Guest Recovery

CabinKey Super Power

Booking abandonment is a common issue where guests reach the payment page but fail to complete their reservation. CabinKey addresses this problem effectively.

Let’s consider Tony as an example. Tony goes through the booking process, entering his desired dates, lodging choice, and personal details. Unfortunately, as he is asked for a deposit payment, he realizes he left his wallet by the nightstand. He leaves the computer to retrieve his wallet but gets sidetracked when he notices a loose doorknob on the bedroom door. Planning to fix it, Tony heads to his garage in search of a screwdriver. As you can see, Tony becomes distracted and forgets to make the crucial payment for the reservation.

However, there’s no need to worry. The next day, Tony will receive an email reminder from CabinKey, prompting him to complete his booking by making the payment. This automated workflow has proven to be successful, resulting in resorts using CabinKey recovering revenue and improving their bottom line.

Booking Recovery
Booking Recovery