Automate your guest communication

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Automate your business

Send Emails
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Guest Welcome

  • Sent out 6 days before your guest arrives
  • Include a custom message
  • Summary of arrival and departure
  • Checkin times
  • Google Maps link for directions

Arrivals and Departures

  • Receive an email every morning summarizing arrivals and departures
  • Receive an email on Sunday of all arrivals and departures for the week

Prompt for Deposit

Not everyone that begins to book a reservation will finish. This is the abandonment rate. Since CabinKey™ collects the contact information upfront, we can contact any guests that fail to finish the booking process.

CabinKey™ will email the guest the next day with a simple message to add a payment to the reservation to reserve accommodations. Simple and effective. Oh, and we also track the Delivered, Open, and Clicked actions for each email, too.

Bounced Email Notifications

CabinKey Super Power

If you or your guest enters their email information wrong, the email will likely bounce. Other systems may leave you in the dark if an email actually reached its destination, but CabinKey™ will send you, the owner, an email if we detect a bounced email. That way you can contact the guest for a new email. Clever.

Bounced Email
Bounced Email

Reservation Confirmation

Both you and your guest receive an email confirmation after you approve the reservation.

Payment Email
Payment Email

Payment Confirmation

You will receive an email anytime a payment is received on a reservation. Optionally, if you log a payment, you can notify the guest their payment has been received. Very handy when a guest mails a check for a rental and you log that check payment in CabinKey™.

Payment Email
Payment Email

Thank You

Guests appreciate a follow up email thanking them for their visit and with helpful links to scheduled their next visit. This is automated and can automatically be sent out after the unit is marked as checked out.

Thank You Email
Thank You Email


Cancellations are a fact of life in the guest business. When you cancel a reservation in CabinKey, you have the option to Notify Guest.

Cancel Reservation
Cancel Reservation

Go ahead and click the Notify Guest checkbox, the guest will receive a simple email stating the reservation has been canceled and a handy link for them to reschedule their next visit.

Cancel Reservation Email
Cancel Reservation Email