Clear and quick views of availability

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The heartbeat of your rentals

CabinKey™ provides you with a complete snapshot of your current and upcoming reservations and rentals.


Filter by Unit / Addons

Searching for a particular rental or add-on?

Use our filter tool to easily narrow in on the information you need.

Calendar Filters

If you have a fair number of Units or Addons, then scrolling through all of them can be cumbersome. Filtering allows you to see only Units, Units of a certain kind (e.g. Cabin, Campsite, HouseBoat, Room). The calendar can even show / hide inactive Units / Addons.

Easily Select Any Date Range

Selecting date ranges is easy with our built-in calendar tools.

Calendar Range Selection
Calendar Range Selection

Simply hover over the date range field and select the date or dates in the pop-up calendar:

CabinKey™ gives you even more control over what you see with additional date selectors:

Advance One Day

Just looking a day ahead (or behind)? There’s a button for that:

Advance Period

Checking on future and past reservations? Jump two weeks forward or backward with one easy click:

Jump to Today

Need to get back to the present? That’s easy, too:

See current Month

View the entire month at a glance:

Reservation Quick Look

Wouldn’t it be nice to see more information when viewing the reservation calendar? When you hover over a reservation on the calendar, it shows critical information about that reservation, such as contact info, outstanding balance, payments, and notes.

Reservation Quick Look
Reservation Quick Look

From here you can still click on the calendar event to see the full reservation or the handy “View” button in the top right of the popup box.