Rent Addons

Boats, golf carts, ATVs

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What are Addons?

Boats, golf carts, jetskis, snowmobiles, bikes, kayaks, canoes, or even lawn chairs. Addons allow you to charge for an item as well as keep track of who has what.


Addons differ from Units; they do not track how many people are using them, nor do they care about capacity.

Addon Groups

If you have five Bass Boats that are all the same, you can group them so the guest booking online only sees one of the five at a time. It’s less confusing for the guest when they have fewer choices.

Upsell during Booking

Addons can be purchased separately or upsold along with Units.

Addon Upsell
Addon Upsell

Charge by night or day per Addon

Depending on the addon, you may want to only charge by day. Each addon can be customized to switch between daily or nightly charges

Addon Calculation
Addon Calculation

Features of Addons

  • Amenities Showcase
  • Detailed Description
  • Multiple Scrolling Images
  • Archive unused Addons
  • Multiple Taxes